The Lonely and the Alone

There are those of us who thrive on company, And those of us who thrive on companionship. For the former the absence of such means loneliness, And for the latter it means being alone.

This diversity of focus, in turn, tends to shape our approaches to life. Those who seek company may find that they create their impact on and place in the world by the impression they leave on others, by both blending in and standing out, marking themselves as different while eliciting a community by which to be recognized and to which to belong. Unique - yet not individual. For these people it is often necessary to be vocal, to be visible.

Those who seek companionship may find that they, too, wish too influence the world - but instead to create the environment in which such a companion as they seek might exist, to perhaps find companionship as widespread as community, while still they are satiated by the few. Devotion and concentration of energy is desired of each relationship, of their relationship even with themselves, and as such cannot be diluted to spread to simultaneous masses. Whether or not they appear to be different to others is trivial because they will be who they are, and they will know who that is as will those who choose to know them. It is enough to be who they want themselves to be. It is, in fact, a delight to encounter those who are similar because often it is their very singularity which provides so few compatible confidants. For these people it is preferable to infiltrate on the quiet level.

These varied focuses may also influence the concept of beauty or of what is deserving. For those of the lonely, that which effects the many or is the most distinctive carries allure. To those of the alone, that which holds personal significance tends to generate such concepts of aestheticism. These two approaches to life and comradery are intertwined with characteristics which lead to divergent opinions, lifestyles, perceptions; yet in the end they are closer, more akin than perhaps they realize.

For both groups their values and visions are the catalyst for an attempt to revolutionize the world. Both groups find power and passion in their ideals. They find motivation in creating the world in which they can exist as the image they choose, the image they follow, the image with which they lead. Whether the subtle domino effect of individual to individual or the loud appeal to entire cultures through notoriety, both seek to create a community in whose minds or hearts they will be stamped. And both seek a balance to being unique from yet one with others.

We are so very much motivated by the desires for others in our lives. Whatever the means, whatever the initial focus or approach, the object is the same. Loneliness or not being alone, prestige or reform - it is those we hold close in our lives that above all - accomplishments and success - will be cherished.

© Elven Lore 10/23/01