Art is the expression of a vision or idea, transforming what exists in the head into a shareable medium. The beauty of art is that it can expand the human experience - allow us to absorb thoughts, feelings, and connections with others beyond the limitations of a physical existence. However, just as in all decisions, we must use discernment in choosing the input we bring into our lives. It is our responsibility to create ourselves first, to determine our values and to accept the influences which are conducive to being the person we would like to be.

Society has developed amores to promote gratuitous living and to denounce making stances. "It's art," is used as an excuse for accepting any stimulus, regardless of which boundaries it may cross in one's value set. Utilizing self censorship is considered having issues. Art becomes a rationalization to dissolve intimacy and sell it as entertainment, to delve into even the most vile of desires. Of course one of the wonders of humanity is the capacity for diversity, and as such each person's values will differ. Yet society would smooth all values and puree them into one norm, then define its standard as balanced and belittle those who do not bow to it. It is our right and our responsibility to champion our values, to define our own individual balance, and to maintain the distinctiveness from which art itself is created.

© Elven Lore 11/6/02